Refreshing Your Marriage 2016 | LA

Kelly and I decided to go to a marriage conference of some sort once a year when we got married.  We had no idea that we would be in the "marriage industry" three years later that would take us to marriage conferences and vacations all over the world (okay, we haven't been all over the world but I'm just going to put it out there anyway so it does happen in the near future).  

Our dear friends Ben & Nicole were flying out to Utah to attend the Refreshing Your Marriage Conference in Los Angeles so we decided we would meet our "one-a-year" quota.  Little did we know that our "LOVE IS..." gallery would be such a perfect fit with the layout that Homeword would produce for the conference.  We had the whole display out in the vendor patio and allowed couples to experience vignettes of what "LOVE IS..."

We also had our pals Gerard & Jessie, who now you know of thanks to the Great Love Getaway, come and promote their podcast, Marriage is Funny.  We just can't get enough of them! 

The Peppers, Robies & Dluxes!

The Peppers, Robies & Dluxes!

Kelly and I learned so much from Jim Burns and Doug Fields.  We are very thankful for their dedication to promoting healthy marriage and families and giving us the tools to better our relationships. 



Daniel + Lauren

We love the Scottis.  Coming from a rare combo of photography and ministry, the Scottis and us are cut from similar cloth. Daniel is the tech director at Saddleback Church and Lauren runs a successful photography company in Orange County.  We had a great time photographing them in their home and getting a few tips and insights on how they keep their marriage fun and exciting!


Daniel: We try our best to be patient with one another and most importantly champion each other on.  
Lauren: Daniel always calls us a team. It's our business, our finances.
Daniel: Yeah, we try to be very intentional with our words. There's not mine or yours.  No my money, your money, my car, your car.  It's our money, our cars.  Little things like that keep our values as a team in tact.  


Lauren: We read separate daily devotions.  
Daniel: Yeah, we love "She Reads Truth" and "He Reads Truth."  
Lauren: It doesn't necessarily apply directly to our marriage but when we are in the word, we are better parters.  
Daniel:  It's the same content just geared toward toward men and women separately.  I think we also do a good job of getting away and doing 'staycations.'  Rick Warren says that in order to prevent burnout: Divert daily, withdraw weekly, retreat monthly, getaway quarterly.   We were inspired by the Dluxes (that would be us, Kelly & Michelle) to take a weekly sabbath.  We make sure we have a day to each other once a week...not to get stuff done but simply enjoy one another.  


Daniel: I love Lauren's heart for others.  She treats me, her friends and her clients with so much love.
Lauren: I love Daniel's kindheartedness.  I have never met anyone who doesn't love Daniel and it's because he is such a kind soul.  He is also very helpful. He never runs away from a problem.  When I get stressed, he stays positive and helps me figure out how to solve the thing that is stressing me out.  


Lauren: We basically like to eat food that we can't afford.
Daniel: Also, adventures!!  Our last staycation was glamping in San Clemente state beach at a trailer park called The Holidays.


Daniel:  We battle the phone attention issue so we have to be conscious when we use our phones around one another so the other person feels valued.  


Lauren: We've never not gone to bed at the same time.  It feels weird if we don't.  I can probably count with my fingers how many times we didn't sleep at the same time in our four years of marriage.  
Daniel: Also, we try to pray together every night. 


Daniel: Have separate sinks
Lauren: No, have separate you don't have to do your makeup while he's pooping.