Gerard + Jessie

4/4 Creative Marriage couple from the Great Love Getaway!! I am particularly excited about this one because not only are Gerard & Jessie a repeat CM couple, but they are also the reason why GLG even happened in the first place!  The Peppers are our forever friends and we are so thankful to have been a part of such an epic trip.  Here are some of my favorite photos from their session.  

Grant + Jennifer

Midwest is truly the best.  Everyone we meet from the midwest is always so cool and down to earth.  It's no wonder that Grant & Jennifer would be no exception.  They created an incredible product called Sacred Ordinary Days, a journal that walks you through finding the holy in the mundane.  Um, yes.  All about it!  We hope that you enjoy the third out of four Great Love Getaway shoots!!


Although we focus on married couples, ever since we developed our "Creative Marriage" style, we've been getting a ton of engaged couples who want to shoot with us!  We still shoot engagement shoots the traditional way on the beach, in fields and with natural light but we've loved exploring this new way of shooting couples and decided we would open our CM tribe to engaged couples as well!  Jess is also a photographer and specifically requested to shoot the way we photography our married couples.  Here are some of our faves from their session!